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CLAYTON C. BRYANT,originally from Wingina, VA, grew up in a small home nestled back in a very small town close to Buckingham, VA. His background is a very humble one as his father, Howard Bryant, worked hard and always made ends meet regardless of having to provide for 10 children, including Clayton's siblings and himself. Clayton grew up learning the logging business and hauling logs out of hollows and down mountain sides. He chopped down timber anywhere from Amherst to Buckingham and on to Nelson County.

In 1944, Clayton was drafted into World War II, where he bravely served his country. He became a military policeman while in Japan. He diligently saved the money he made while in Japan and , in turn, sent it home to his father, Howard, who faithfully saved it for him. Upon returning from the armed forces, Clayton decided to take the cash he had saved and purchase a brand new logging truck to better his business. Clayton cut timber for a while and soon came upon a deal too good to imagine. He decided to purchase apiece of land in which he would divide into 2 parcels and then sell them. After doing so he soon realized he had been put on this grand earth to buy and sell ground; to make property more marketable to the public by buying large pieces and dividing them into smaller farms. He, in turn, sold his logging trucks and began his great journey in the land business.  
  Ever since, our business has been family owned and operated, as Clayton involved the whole family. "OUR COMPANY IS OUR FAMILY", as Clayton's 3 children, Ronnie, Sharon, and Clayton Jr. also have a part, along w/ there 9 children, Clayton's grandchildren. We have always been the type of business that truly makes our customers feel at home. In a sense, when you buy from us, you join the family. Clayton has always been a man you could shake hands with on a deal and know that everything that was agreed upon would be honored by him.

You see, Clayton at a very young age realized that land is the ONLY INVESTMENT which is a safe one, as land prices just keep appreciating. Thus, giving life to our slogan: IF YOU WANT A NEST EGG WHEN YOU RETIRE, PUT YOUR MONEY IN LAND AND WATCH YOUR VALUE GROW HIGHER. However, the slogan we have been living up to for fifty years or better and the one that makes us the most proud is, "HAPPY CUSTOMERS ARE PROOF OF OUR SUCCESS." So, come take a look at what we have if you are seriously looking and "JOIN THE FAMILY."



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