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Back Home With World Championship Titles

Bryant’s barrel horses faired well over the last two weeks in Memphis, Tennessee and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. After a long and grueling haul out to Memphis, Tennessee on Wednesday night and early into Thursday morning, there was no break for the horses or jockey, Adam Roper. Adam arrived about 2 hours before he had to begin his practice runs to get ready for the Champion of Champions $100,000.00 purse barrel racing futurity and the Run for the Bucks show directly following. Not only did Roper haul Promises to Dash, “AKA SQUIRREL,” Clayton Bryant’s open horse; he also hauled a 3 year old mare, named Diamonds and Fame, which he had begun training back in the early part of May for the Champion of Champions. In the Champion of Champion’s futurity, only 50 3 year old horses from all over the world could compete. They must have never ran in any show preceding that date, or they would be disqualified, which makes this a very tense barrel race. No matter how good a young horse knows the barrel pattern, with it being there first show, you just don’t know what is going through their minds.

These horses and jockeys entered had payed a $5000 entry fee to run for a $100,000.00 first prize, a $30,000.00 2nd prize, a $25,000.00 3rd prize, a $20,000.00 4th prize, or a $15,000.00 5th prize. In the race, Adam Roper had a good run, but had to set up two barrels, to keep from being disqualified, as his mare crowded him a little. (See picture.) He ended up placing 5th, winning $15,000.00 and many prizes. The mare continued on with a good week after her first run and placed 3rd in the 1st go of the Run for the Buck futurity and 6th in the 2nd go. She ended up 4th in the average out of 92 horses. Sharon McCormick’s colt, Dennis Ta’ Menace ended up 8th in the average. In the open class, Clayton’s Squirrel horse placed 6th in the 1st go and after two consistent runs ended up 6th in the average out of 220 some horses, winning money and prizes. Sharon McCormick’s BF Shenanigan blew the competition away in the 2nd go running a 14.8 and putting 2 tenths of a second on the field. This victory for Sharon, however, was bitter sweet, as her horse limped out of the ring. He pulled something in his leg at the 3rd barrel and due to this injury was unable to compete in the next weeks show at Oklahoma, where last year, he was the year end BARREL FUTURITIES OF AMERICA DERBY CHAMPION.

After doing well in Memphis, Roper hauled straight out to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Upon arriving the horses, got a days break to refuel for the next competitions. Diamonds and Fame, seemed to be learning the ropes as she placed 6th in the 1st go of the juvenile futurity w/ over 202 entries. Sharon Bryant’s colt, Dennis Ta’ Menace placed 8th in the 1st go, 4th in the 2nd go and 4th in the average proving to be a consistent colt. However, Clayton’s Squirrel, took the cake as he placed first in the first go of the open class, running the fastest time of the week on Wednesday. On Friday, he ran in the 2nd go of the open, which he placed 1st once again, bettering his time and running the fastest time of the week, once again. By placing 1st in both the goes, Adam and Squirrel won the average and are the BARREL FUTURITIES OF AMERICA OPEN 1-D WORLD CHAMPIONS FOR 2006. Roper, also, faired well in the Derby on this Promises. He placed 2nd in the first go of the Derby and 5th in the 2nd go. He, then, ran in a derby final and had the 3rd fastest time putting him 4th in the average. Bryant comments on Adam and Squirrel’s week in Oklahoma, “I am really proud of both my horse and jockey. They both have to be tired. When they haven’t been travelling, they’ve been running. But, I love my horse. He knows his job and loves what he does. That makes him worth his weight in gold.” Squirrel not only won the BFA OPEN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, he also finished as RESERVE CHAMPION in the year end BARREL FUTURITIES OF AMERICA DERBY year end points. Over the two week interval, Roper won over $27,000.00 as well as saddles, jackets, a gold masterpiece necklace, horse blankets, etc. Clayton stated, “Going into the week, Squirrel and Adam had no points, as we don’t attend many BFA shows throughout the year. They are too far away. But, in this one show he acquired enough points to get Reserve Champion for the whole year in the Derby Standings. People run all year to get these points and Squirrel racked up enough in one show to get Reserve Champion. He has been a lot of fun to own, always giving what he’s got, even when he’s tired. I’d say he’s the most consistent horse in the world. Out of 7 runs in Memphis and Oklahoma, he placed 6times at least in the top 5.” I don’t think I would sell him for any amount of money.” Bryant was, also, excited when he learned his horse and jockey, Squirrel and Adam would be featured in the National Barrel Horse news. The paper did a profile on the duo in Oklahoma. Congratulations to our Appomattox Barrel Horse Champions.



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